Freshta Kohistani got killed in a targeted attack in Kapisa


Freshta Kohistani got killed in a targeted shooting in Kapisa Afghanistan.

Miss Kohistani recently posted on her Facebook account and asked the government officials to help her.

She said: It’s been a long time since I’ve had a happy day, my life has become bitter, and I spend my moments in fear and anxiety.

Note that I am under a lot of threats, and I am ignored by all.

Dear friends in the interior ministry and national directorate of Afghanistan, I ask you again to remarkably take my issue;

otherwise, all the bad consequences and my blood are on the shoulders of those who, despite knowing how much I am in danger but didn’t take me seriously.

Now that the Ministry of Interior, national security have been ruthless, I ask Mr. Saleh and other elders of the country to pay attention.




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