Helal Masoomi – Afghan woman from Balkh


“As an afghan woman, all my life I relied on education and hard work because I believed that with gun and violence you can only kill terrorists but with the education and hard work you can kill terrorism.

Almost 19 years ago when I was just a child, My family and I travelled to Maimana to attend my uncle’s wedding. I remember the night as though it happened yesterday. Rockets and bombs were firing at us from every corner of the city. I hid under my grandmothers lap and cried continuously

because I was scared. I hugged her frail legs and she had her hands over my ears comforting me from the horrors happening outside. I could feel her shiver from fear but she kept reciting Surah’s from the Quran under her

breath to calm us both. 
We heard a loud whistling sound nearing us and explode our neighbors house. A rocket had hit their house and in the aftermath had shattered all our windows. 
The next morning when I woke up to see our streets and houses covered in dusts and wreckage. Our neighbors house was crushed down to ruins and his body buried beneath the bricks. We were lucky to have survived the

From there on I continued to strive for peace and prosperity for the children of my country. I graduated from a university in Turkey, despite the many great job offers I came back to my homeland to stand together with my brothers and sisters to bring about change and improvement. We are

the only hope for Afghanistan, we owe it to our country and I believe that we can overcome the biggest problems by feeling responsible towards our country and community. I hope we find the peace we wished for as kids, someday”

Helal Masoomi, Mazar-i-Sharif.

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