Sarah Afghan Girl interesting story


Sarah Afghan Girl interesting story

“When I was growing up in Kabul, it was ordinary for me to take shelter each night while firefights happened beyond the walls that protected me. I would play with the other kids in my neighborhood, with the metal casings fired from the previous night. The unrest in the country reached a tipping point and it was no longer safe for my family to remain in Kabul as we escaped the cruelty of the Taliban regime. My parents left everything behind, we fled through the desert and illegally crossed country borders in hopes of finding a better future. Eventually we were able to make our way to Australia via a fishing boat that drifted in the open ocean for 14 days with very limited food and space while it slowly became engulfed by the ocean, killing nearly all the refugees on-board.

God blessed my family a new chance in life as we arrived in Australia in 2001. I wanted to fully immerse myself in my new community, the freedom and opportunities I had in Australia. It was not easy starting school, learning a new language and trying to compete with other Australian children for the same educational opportunities and eventually jobs. At the age of 14, I found a part time job at the local Mcdonald’s working every day after school. With the money that I earned, I paid for tutoring to help me better understand the syllabus at school. I pushed myself until I successfully gained a scholarship at a prestigious secondary school and enabled me to be accepted into University.

In 2016 I graduated from University and am currently working with cancer patients as a clinical pharmacist. I have found a profession that allows me to help people in need. Earlier this year I was selected to act as an ambassador and represent Australia in Belgium, France, London and Greece. My story is only one of thousands of Afghan refugee stories, who dreams of progression, education, equality and peace. Similarly, to many other young Afghans, my goal is to return to my beloved motherland Kabul and share the knowledge and skills with my people.”

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