Spicy garlic cajun shrimp – how to make cajun


Spicy garlic cajun shrimp – recipe how to make cajun


Spicy garlic cajun shrimp, grilled broccolini, and creamy fettuccine on tonight’s dinner menu 👏❤️It may be cold outside, but my mouth is hot (🌶😅) my tum is full, and my shirt is stained (thanks to a little shrimp mishap during the cooking process 🍤).

#whatsonmyplate: spicy garlic cajun shrimp (recipe a few posts back) •• grilled broccolini •• almond flour fettuccine tossed w/ creamy cauliflower garlic sauce (recipe: 2 cups steamed cauliflower + 1/2 cup cream cheese (you can sub any cream cheese) + 1/2 cup unsweetened creamer OR almond milk + 2 garlic cloves + salt & pepper to taste). –

Capping off a full day, with a full cup of tea, and an equally full heart ♥️☺️ I had a lot of reservations about trading my life in DC for one in Boise, but I went with my heart and trusted my intuition, and feel so grateful for the doors that have opened here. I knew that starting a business would come with challenges — and it has. At times it’s really dang hard. I feel overwhelmed (a lot), and I cry (a lot).

But I’ve always believed that that life is a JOURNEY, and it’s far more interesting and rewarding when you take risks that feel scary but that also feel right ☺️. So if you’re on the fence about taking a leap — whether it be career-related, relationship-related or otherwise — know that things will be OKAY if you do. Any decision can be a right decision if you choose to make it right. Enjoy it

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