Video footage of police officer of ministry of interior affairs



Video footage of police officer of the ministry of interior affairs

The deputy driver of the Ministry of Interior beats a Commander with a car.
The House Internal Security Commission called the move blatant coercion and violation of the law and said it would look into the matter.
A recent video posted on social media in Afghanistan shows people who appear to be the bodyguards of an Interior Ministry official beating some police officers at the entrance to the ministry.

The reason for the abuse has not yet been determined, but the video has drawn widespread reactions from Afghan users since its release.

The release of this video has come under fire at a time when the country is celebrating National Soldier Day.

The Afghan Interior Ministry said after the criticism that the incident took place on March 30, and that five police officers threatened their colleagues at the entrance to the ministry and beat one.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian did not specify who the guards were, but said that the senior deputy minister, aware of the case, dismissed them and referred them to the General Directorate of Internal Security for investigation and legal action.

Abuse of police officers by their peers and in some cases by other individuals affiliated with government officials is not unprecedented, and similar cases have been reported many times.

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