Who were Arians? how did they come to present day Afghanistan?


Who were Arians? how did they come to present-day Afghanistan?

Between 2000 and 1200 BC, large numbers of nomadic migrants traveled on horseback and chariots from the Caspian Sea steps to present-day Afghanistan. They were called ARYANS or ARIANS, a branch of Indo-European tribes.

Arians - Ariana Afghanistan
Arians – Ariana Afghanistan Map
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Arian translates to a noble one in Sanskrit. They appear to have split into 2 Iranic or Aryanic people, Nuristani, and Indo-Aryan groups, between 1500 and 1000 BC.

According to legend, they sang songs as they traveled, which was added to the collection called Rigveda.

Ariana was the earliest name of Afghanistan. The religion of Zoroastrianism originated in Balkh, present-day Afghanistan, the principal kingdom of Ariyan tribes. Avesta was the religious text of Zoroastrianism and mentioned Bakhdi or Balkh as beautiful and crowned with banners.


A modern picture of Zarathustra
A modern picture of Zarathustra


Ariana 350 BC
Ariana 350 BC


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